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Messagerie Vocale Visuelle disponible sur le Play Store

Warning: This post concerns an application that is exclusively available in French for now so this post will be written in French. Sorry about that.

C'est avec un immense plaisir que je vous annonce la disponibilité de l'application "Messagerie Vocale Visuelle" d'Orange France sur le Play Store ...

Bilan de Soirée : "Rencontre des communautés de Lyon"

The post below is in French. If Google Translate gives you a good preview of the subject and it happens that you want to read more, contact me and I will do my best to translate it to English as fast as I can.

Je suis sur Lyon depuis le ...

Windows 8 : What happened to my apps?

I decided tonight that instead of reading people complaining (or sometimes praising) about Windows 8, I would experience it myself.

Full of optimism, I downloaded the Windows 8 : Release Preview and decided to go for an upgrade. The installation went well but after rebooting, I had a huge surprise: my ...

FastMail & Google Groups : Avoid receiving your posts

Last week, I went on a new quest : liberating myself from Google and their amazing services. I have noticed that with time, all my activity (or almost) was done using GMail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and so on.

The biggest chunk of my usage is GMail, and I found a ...

Galaxy Nexus - The 'Waking Up' Problem

I love my Galaxy Nexus (I would like to thank Google for giving them away during the I/O 2012). Jelly Bean (the last version of Android) is simply a blast: it is smoother, snappier, sexier, you name it.

As much as I love JB, I still need to play ...

Bloggez Moy is back online

Welcome back everyone,

As some of you might have noticed, Bloggez Moy had been offline for quite a while. The reason is quite simple: the old version was rarely updated, and I was unhappy with the direction it had taken; mainly because no technical articles were posted anymore. Sometimes, the ...

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